Dr. Adriana Teodoro-Dier provides a holistic piano adventure, centered around the uniqueness of each student. Lessons are a blend of advanced practice techniques/strategies with sensitive attention to learning styles, personality, age and musical tastes. Students will learn to discover and appreciate their highest potential. 

She has 15+ of teaching experience and holds the following degrees:

● Doctorate:Collaborative Piano Performance (Frost School of Music, U of Miami)

● MM: Piano Performance (Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music)

● double degree: BM/BA Piano Performance and Physics (Lawrence University)


For me, piano study is a holistic approach to the development of the individual. I believe piano study is an unparalleled vehicle for self-discoverygrowth, and self-appreciation. My priority is to nurture every single gift and talent placed in my path, coupled with my experience, training, and qualifications to help students reach their musical goals.

Self-discovery: Every student learns differently, and at their own pace. Although I've performed extensive research into facilitative teaching (where the teacher adapts teaching to suit the learning style of the student), students are still showing me new ways to learn and practice. My job is to help students learn what works for them...and I hope that this investigative process continues to inspire other areas of their lives.

Growth: Piano asks that we engage multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves: as it uses our kinesthetic, cerebral, and emotional modalities. The discipline and patience that music study requires is an important antidote to our accustomed culture of instant gratification. Students experience the true pride in themselves that can only come from patient hard work, commitment, and dedication to mastery. I am here to support and encourage this process every step of the way. 

Self-appreciation: Perhaps the hardest lesson but most crucial. In piano lessons, students learn to objectively assess their process and outcome. I take care to praise the work and process, not the individual. I feel that healthy self-esteem grows from actions-- taking risks, respecting process, and getting back up. Students become stronger in themselves because their self-esteem remains intact and separate from the ability to create. 

While I know today's students are stretched thin between activities and schoolwork, I expect the student will set aside time to reinforce what we cover in lessons during the week. While I can offer custom-tailored teaching and practice suggestions, the student must meet me halfway by implementing enjoyable ways to practice.

Please see Rates/Studio Policy for more info and please contact me for availability. References and Resume available upon request.



  • Lessons take place weekly, at my home studio in Englewood.
  • I offer two different packages through my private studio: the BASIC and PRE-PROFESSIONAL.
  • Students are responsible for purchasing textbooks and other materials. Please bring these to each lesson; I make markings in the books to focus practice time.
  • Lessons adhere strictly to their start and end times, regardless of student’s arrival time.
  • Studio recitals are held twice a year in the Winter and Spring. They are free, optional, and strongly encouraged.



  • Regular tuition involves a semester commitment, paid in equal monthly installments (Sept-Feb, March-August).
  • Payment due on the first lesson of the month
  • Schedule follows university academic calendar (with 2 weeks off for winter holiday and 1 week for spring)
  • No refunds
  • $15 late fee applied to tuition received after due date.


  • Any lessons I cancel, we will make up at your convenience. 
  • For student cancellations, students may choose 1 day per semester to schedule a make-up.  


$70 for 60 minutes

$55 for 45 minutes 

$40 for 30 minutes 

  • Lessons cover technique, theory, repertoire. 
  • Perfect for adults beginners-early advanced, or for kids who take piano as an extra-curricular activity.


$95 for 75 minutes

$110 for 90 minutes

  • For pre-college students with an interest and potential for a career in music.
  • Audition only
  • Lessons cover technique, repertoire, theory (if needed). Emphasis on score analysis, interpretation, and advanced technique.


$45 for 30 minutes

$75 for 60 minutes

For college students or anyone wanting to improve their theory skills (includes ear training and solfege if desired)


(All rates subject to change). 2017.